Successful Software Implementation Program

Software Implementation

How to successfully implement any software in your department or organization?

Implementing software is made to sound very simple and is often ignored without a proper Strategy and plan. The efforts need to continue after strategizing as well, in terms of design, follow up testing & getting end users confident & comfortable about the software.

Some of the salient points to be considered during any adoption:

      Software implementation assessment

This first step is very critical to understand the intent & purpose of anyone buying a software, the management stake holders will be the best team to explain this, we also can assess different other software’s implemented & its experience of doing so, possible causes for failures, extended time for adoption etc.

Another important consideration would be to understand how deep the management understands software and its benefits. Present procedures and their adoption are not to be ignored. The assessment in this case is more qualitative and vision driven which needs to be supported by other evaluations.

      Process Standardization and Adoption

Most of companies would have created Standard Operating Procedures but would be facing difficulties in following it. There SOPs are to be evaluated & considered during any automation of the process or standardization.

          Continues discretion approach

 A manually managed company cannot overnight become a 100% digital-driven organization. The initiative has to be either Top-down or bottom-up depending upon companies strategic positioning & where
they are headed towards.

Breaking the digital adoption process into multiple phases & then getting into implementation is very important. Discretion can be done department-wise, process-wise or role-wise, but the advice is not to take everything at once.


The most important & unfortunately most undervalued factor in software is the “People factor”.  

Most of the software do not get rightly implemented because of this. It can be people’s contribution in building a software or contribution in the form of awareness &
advantages of a software as a user, they play a very important role.

They need to be educated about what would happen with software coming in & how does. it benefit them Their inputs in the form of  experience will be very important for the success. 

      Run it as a project

 The whole combination has to work in tandem as a project, the strategy or the goal, the tech process, people-all of them have to fall in place & hence continuous monitoring, motivating, stand-up meetings & documentation would be of utmost necessity.

Needs a head who would drive it & takes ownership. Involving management would also be a very good idea. On the whole, a software implementation like a cultural change needs many parameters to work together. 

Training the internal team on software implementation with a project champion running as a project & a good consulting organization would be the mantra for success

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