Customer relationship management (CRM) isn’t rocket science, but it can gain you a competitive edge in business.

CRM is essential for the success of every business. Every company needs the right CRM tool to efficiently and effectively manage the relationship between your business and its customers. Just like Bill Gates stated, “How you gather, manage & use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

A recent study by Nucleus Research found that mobile access to a CRM application increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement by more than 20%. A more productive sales rep means a healthier sales pipeline.

Business  Applications

There are a zillion companies in the market which offer your business the CRM tool it needs. Yet, Zoho is different as it is makes the future growth and standardisation of your business, an easy process. Zoho Corporation operates in 3 different divisions:

  • It offers your business online productivity, business application, communication and collaboration all at a single touch
  • It provides efficient enterprise IT management
  • Web NMS serves the requirement of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures)

Zoho is handy across all verticals such as products for Business Applications include those line-of-business applications that are particular to select a group of people within a company. Zoho Recruit is a target at recruiters and HR departments. Zoho CRM is an excellent tool for sales and marketing professionals. There are many more applications just similar to these.

Communication and Collaboration

Zoho products for internal communication include various services such as Zoho wiki, Zoho mail, Zoho Discussions, Zoho meeting and others. Zoho CRM is a useful tool that helps you to grow your business effortlessly by managing your lead contacts. It empowers sales, sales volume and marketing teams and it also supports you in informing your customers.

The Zoho CRM has online integrations with different tools such as Google drive, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Awards, Leads Bridge, etc. This Zoho CRM tool is excellent and cheap for small business trying to scale up. Zoho CRM integration will facilitate you to connect with the tools you use every day.

Some of our favorite products are

1. Zoho Projects

  • Zoho Projects is an accepted project management software that guides users in completing their business projects well before the deadline
  • Zoho Projects include easy tracking of projects tasks, data sharing, and collaboration among team members
  • Designing Gantt charts to improve project management, accessible documentation, and logging of bugs

2.  Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM is a leading web-based CRM that is designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers
  • They help you to boost your business efficiency and effectiveness
  • Zoho Invoice is a web-based invoicing software that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Zoho CRM software are well versed with all sizes of companies from small scale to large enterprises they can do it all

3. Zoho Invoice

  • Zoho Invoice software is used to create, manage, and send professional invoices
  • Users can also track the invoices to follow up these transactions
  • They help the users to select from a list of layout templates or make their custom design for their company
  • Finally, you can quickly generate invoices in multi-currency and multiple languages

4.  Zoho Books

  • Zoho Books is an accounting software to supervise your inventory, banking, bills, invoices, as well as do mobile accounting
  • Zoho Books offers smart accounting for growing businesses
  • It is intuitive accounting software intended to help small enterprises to administer their finances and remain on the pinnacle of their cash flow
  • The application is a simple, easy-to-use accounting application that can help you to smartly handle your business processes

5. Zoho Docs

  • Zoho Docs is specially designed for valuable document management
  • Other than documents, the software also assist you to manage presentations and spreadsheets at a single point
  • It helps you to access the system from any device with an internet connection including mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone’s
  • This software makes it easy and productive to share files and collaborate with your team members

A Final Word

Zoho is a top-rated provider of cloud-based Customer Relationship Management(CRM) solution and as well as has more than 25 online applications including project, invoice, management, wikis, databases, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, and other software’s.

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