Things one should know about adopting CRM in their Organization !

Things one should know about adopting CRM in their Organization !! Arsccom - Zoho Partner blog

Things one should know about adopting CRM in their Organization !!

Process digitalization for organizations are challenging. The company would have followed certain methodology of working, reporting, approvals, calculations and often resist change and also Cultural Issues are also to be considered.

Suppose a CRM tool needs to be adopted, it needs to be properly planned so that the investment pays off. Implementations would be successful only when people adopt and adhere to the system defined on the Software platform.

So, how do we make people feel that the steps taken is to streamline process and not to watch them?

Here are some suggestions, that sales needs or directors should keep in mind. 

a. Select a Very easy CRM application, which is smiple to use and easy to understand, this way minimum training would be required.

b. Involve the team : Involve the sales team to make sure the project becomes an all inclusive one and everyone takes ownership, if possible incentivise the team to use the app using gamification and reward system.

c. Avoid deep configuration at once : Technology adoption is often seen successful when done in logical stages. At first, we should simply automate and wait for adoption by everyone. See some basic benefits and share the success with all. Once this phase is achieved, one should look at deep diving into deeper Business Functions as convincing people is something which is already done.

e. Share the information / Use Cases with users as how a tool like CRM made difference at work place.

f. Make announcements on the tool and make adopting CRM one window for all sales and marketing related discussions.

g. The most important point amongst all, do not entertain any kind of discussion, approvals, reports, discounts or signature if it is not coming through the system.

Application deployment should happen in phases, involvement of consulting partners will act as Catalyst. Applications like Zoho CRMZoho Creator assist in building easy and simple application. Also have seen higher adoptability, choose a cloud based, mobile friendly, affordable, simpleto use, Zoho CRM for your organization.

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