Industry Vertical Solutions

Industry Vertical Solutions

We focus on delivering Industry Vertical Solutions i.e industry-specific application & services to customers in a specific vertical market such as manufacturing, health care, retailing, or financial service etc. ARSCCOM strongly recommends not to adopt to a complete ERP solution to take care of your business. ZOHO has a solution exclusively built to use the applications according to your Business requirement. 

Organizations that are part of a vertical market often center their products and marketing efforts around the explicit needs of that vertical in order to attract a specific consumer. Business verticals are important components of a company’s product development and marketing efforts. Vertical markets allow organizations to tightly focus on a specific industry in order to better and more fully meet their consumers’ needs. 

The more specific a business vertical, the more likely a company is to successfully reach its target customer. A standard ERP rollout would generally force to change your practices to best practices, which might not turn out to be good news to everyone! While best practices are preferred, it is important for someone to understand whether or not this works for their business.

ARSSCOM mitigates this problem during the transformation by building your core requirements completely customized the way you would prefer, and standardize the Business operations consequently.

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