Alignment of Organizational Objectives and Career Goals!

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Alignment of Organizational Objectives and Career Goals!

When we carefully observe the differences in the style of operations our parents and guardians have gone through; there are subtle differences we identify. From 1- company, 1-job role entry to retirement, to a multi company, multi roles environment, the dynamics of loyalty, values, trust, transparency, everything has changed.

On one side, Organizational Objectives want to be more process and system driven & reduce dependency on people as much as possible. On the other side, employees also have reduced degree of brand association, role adherence and loyalty, this results in higher rates of attrition and organizational imbalance.

So the solution here is to try and build a balanced scale between the two. Better brand association can be built if employees are made to realize what is there for them in the role they play, how it can help them to become what they want to be? How apart from salary it will help in building their career?

Associates should think about their contribution to the organization, value addition to their role in growing that specific business function. Always to stay motivated, focused, committed towards organizational effectiveness and values.

When this synergy is achieved between the organizations and associates values, the productivity wheels spins faster.

Developing concepts like jobs, positions, KRA’s, KPI’s, Goals, training needs, mentor programs etc. shall help in achieving this kind of alignments. Periodic review on personal goals and SWOT Analysis by individuals will help them in this alignment. This way it becomes a better eco system for everyone.

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