Introducing CalTag: The Future of Call Management is Here

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM | Tagging

Today, in an age of instantaneous communication and rapid technological advancement, managing our interactions, especially on mobile, has become more crucial than ever. Amidst all the available tools, CalTag has emerged as a front-runner. But what is it? Let’s dive deep into what CalTag is and why you should be excited about it.

Introducing CalTag 

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM

CalTag is not just another mobile application; it’s a powerhouse designed to manage, categorize, and record every incoming and outgoing call on your mobile phone. At its core, CalTag is a contact manager app. But, instead of just offering a space for numbers and names, it allows users to tag and categorize each contact, paving the way for a more organized contact list.

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Why CalTag Matters 

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM

A Personal Productivity Tool 

The initial release of CalTag is tailored for personal productivity. How many times have you made a call, only to forget crucial details later? With CalTag, not only can you record your calls, but you can also assign tasks to yourself post-call, ensuring that you never miss a follow-up or a commitment.

For Businesses 

The chaos of managing multiple clients, stakeholders, or vendors on your mobile phone is simplified with CalTag. By tagging contacts and linking them to tasks or notes, you’ll never be caught off-guard in any professional call. 

Who Benefits from CalTag? 

Sales Mavericks 

For those balancing a client portfolio, CalTag ensures every conversation is logged, every task is set, and every lead is tagged.

Freelancers & Consultants 

Juggling multiple clients across various projects? Keep interactions separate, organized, and on-point.

Team Leaders & Managers 

With its soon-to-be-launched collaborative features, manage team communication, assign tasks, and ensure accountability.

Every Mobile User 

Honestly, if you’re looking to up your communication game, CalTag is for you.


You can keep a track of leads referred to and referred by different individuals in your contact database using calTag.

Features: Diving Deeper   

  1. In-Depth Call Management: Record/Log, save, and access every call detail.

  1. Integration Excellence: From Zoho to custom integrations, everything’s possible.

  1. Task Manager: Post-call task assignments mean no more forgetfulness.

  1. Manual Phone Contact Sync: Consistency and ease, across devices.

  1. Sublime Security: Your data stays yours, always.

  1. Ad-Free Ambiance: Just pure, uninterrupted productivity. 

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Unveiling CalTag: More Than Just a Mobile App   

CalTag isn’t simply another app on the Play Store. It is your assistant, your organizer, and your secret weapon to managing calls like a pro. Wondering how? Let’s delve into its standout features.

Tagging: The Game Changer

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM | Tagging

Gone are the days of endless scrolling to find a contact or recalling the context of your last conversation. CalTag introduces intelligent contact tagging, allowing users to:

  • Easily categorize contacts based on relevance, frequency, or context.
  • Instantly search and access the contacts you need.
  • Understand the background of each call through personalized tags. 

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Seamless CRM and ERP Integrations

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM | Tagging

For professionals who depend on CRM and ERP systems like Zoho, CalTag serves as a bridge:

  • Directly integrate with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk.
  • Use open APIs for personalized integrations, ensuring CalTag fits like a glove into your ecosystem.
  • Enhance productivity without juggling between multiple apps. 

Subscription Plans: Tailored to You

Caltag | Productivity app | Call management | CRM | Zoho CRM | Tagging

Whether you’re an individual or a large business, CalTag has got you covered:

  1. Individual Plans: Affordable, feature-packed, and designed for personal productivity.

  1. Business Plans: More integrations, collaborative tools, and advanced features to manage large client bases or teams. 

In Conclusion: Why CalTag? 

In a constantly buzzing world of calls, notifications, and tasks, CalTag isn’t just an app; it’s your personal assistant. It’s designed to cater for everyone, from a student juggling projects to a CEO managing international clients.

Ready to embark on a journey towards unparalleled call management and boosted productivity? Download CalTag now and redefine your communication experience!


1.  What is CalTag primarily designed for? 

CalTag is a mobile application designed to record, categorize, and log incoming and outgoing calls. It also functions as a contact manager, using tags to categorize contacts, and acts as a task manager and organizer.

2. Do I always need an internet connection to use CalTag? 

No, CalTag offers both online and offline functionalities.

3. Is there a web or desktop version of CalTag available? 

Currently, CalTag is available for mobile devices only.

4.  Which mobile operating systems support CalTag? 

CalTag is initially released on the Play Store and supports Android devices running version 6.0 and above. The latest Android versions are recommended for the best user experience.

5. Does CalTag feature any advertisements? 

No, CalTag is an ad-free application.

6.  Can I collaborate with friends or colleagues on CalTag? 

While the initial version of CalTag focuses on personal productivity, upcoming versions will introduce features for collaboration among user groups.

7. How does CalTag ensure data privacy and security? 

CalTag subscription is tied to an individual mobile number, ensuring personalized data security. Moreover, the app respects device-level security settings and ensures no unauthorized data sharing.

8. Is it possible to integrate CalTag with CRM or ERP applications? 

Yes, CalTag currently offers direct integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. For other integrations, users can utilize open APIs or contact the support team.

9. How do I subscribe or renew my CalTag subscription? 

Users can subscribe to CalTag or renew their subscription directly within the application by selecting a desired plan.

10. Who should I contact for support or technical issues with CalTag? 

Users can reach out to the dedicated support team at for any assistance or clarifications.

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