Improve the R.A.M of your Business !!

Imporove the RAM of your Business

Improve the R.A.M of your Business - Part 1

The continues process of Business Transformation should have a thumb rule, to make sure we stay upto speed and keep the Business and employees safe from internal & external Business risks.

The Review (R) the first tool which helps and makes sure there are enough signals and trends which indicates danger. Review process is very important and imperative in todays Business World. Review at all levels should happen, for ex. transactional level, managerial level and strategic level with different frequencies. For an effective review, the process has to be streamlined, the data needs to be well understood and placed rightly to consume. 

A lot of reports and dashboards can also help in explicitly showing transactional and managerial trends & signals of a Business. However the strategic review evaluates points like risk in the industry, trend, growth v/s stabilize, expand v/s downside, new verticals v/s partners, liquidation merger etc. The most important thing is to review & make sure all the levels of review resonate and orient towards a common understanding.


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