Importance of Learning while Earning for Career Progression

Importance of Learning while Earning for Career Progression

When we look back into our journey as students we used to focus on acquiring knowledge for years together. We also would have seen so many technical / academically bright students do not crack aptitude test or placement interviews ! Not to blame them alone ! We all would have failed to differentiate between scoring & learning, education and exposure.

It is very important for individuals to realize & understand their strengths, weakness & take actions accordingly. The personality type of an individual plays a very important role in the career he would choose or would want to progress upon. Passion also plays an important role in doing so.

The sports we play, the punishments we get, the time discipline, the physical education drill, the trips & treks we go, all have something to teach. A lot of movies have come up with similar concepts where it is important to consider.

  1. Human interactions
  2. Technical skills
  3. Social expectation

as 3 most important external factors that influence your role. While passion, personality & needs may be considered as internal.

So, how do we orient ourselves and make sure we lead a healthy balanced life? Thanks to technology! Today we can learn whatever whenever we want! Technology has made a lot of learning more private, more 1 Р1 and at learners desire.

The age has just became a number when it gets to learning . A lot of professional courses are available today online / blended and in-person, where technically qualified executives can re-visit their potentials, get upgraded on their skills and chase their dream job or post in an organization.

Online courses have today become so professional and focused that a candidate surely reaps the benefits of enrolling into a desired course. A network of like-minded people is a bi-product from such courses.

If you think you would want to add a bit of salt into your career progression, challenge yourself, explore opportunities, then surely learning would be one of the most important factor. It is important to always have an eye towards learning from everything around.

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