Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 3

Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 3 Measure is the third and the final part of our discussion regarding setting up right process to monitor the IT transformation. While REVIEW helped in identifying the factors that need transformation, ANALYZE proved if those points are really important, how much? and frequency of the critical factors. The measurement process […]
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Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 2

Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 2 We spoke about the importance of review mechanism in Business. It can have a great deal of influence in optimizing our processes. Today we want to discuss about the next step after review is to analyse. Analysing is a process where we try to put mathematics […]
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Imporove the RAM of your Business

Improve the R.A.M of your Business !!

Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 1 The continues process of Business Transformation should have a thumb rule, to make sure we stay upto speed and keep the Business and employees safe from internal & external Business risks. The Review (R) the first tool which helps and makes sure there are enough signals […]
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Brand association: Intent & Purpose is more important than credentials!!

Intent & Purpose is more important than credentials !! Aligning with the purpose or the intent of the Organization or the Brand association (BA), plays a very important role in one’s approach and quality of delivery. This stands true at any level of interaction between parties, be it a conversation between 2 countries or between […]
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work from home

Work From Home Tips: How to Efficiently Work from HOME?

How to Efficiently Work from HOME? I am sure that everyone agrees with me that Work From Home is more complex, irritating and longer (relatively). Unfortunately we are all forced to Work From Home during the lockdown due to COVID-19. We are trying to bring out some points which helps in making life easier during […]
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How does Zoho helps in increasing Business Insights?

How does ZOHO help in increasing Business Insights? It is important to understand the different elements / contribution which effects the profitability of a Business. Business insights factors like Turn Around Time, Discount, Customer type, Customer culture, Buying behavior etc. becomes very important while engaging with one interval factors like Project Goal, Accomplishment, Challenges, Mitigations, […]
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The ZOHO’s way to Business Transformation Process

The ZOHO’s way to Business Process Transformation Business Transformation is often seen as a Big step, risky and costly preposition. Hence it is ignored as an activity done only by large organizations which have the power of people, resources and technology. It is transformation process for the thought process as well. What we need to understand […]
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The Key Secret to Account Management in Business

The Key Secret to Account Management in Business Entrepreneurs should look at Business as starting a new relationship with every customer. No matter what the products and services are, setting the right expectation about the company, its values and how their products or services reflect that is very important from a value perspective. This is […]
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Making Your CRM experience best with ARSCCOM

Making your CRM Experience the best !! The CRM experience with ARSCCOM allows you to follow quality leads and reduce time wastage following prospects. Sales cycles are reduced and win rates are improved. Moreover, you can check customer buying histories to identify potential leads, upsell opportunities, or repeat customers. ARSCCOM also helps identify your most […]
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