Successful Customer Communication


Successful Customer Communication - Everytime !!!

We often have customers choosing other vendors, or disengage with us or complain that they aren’t comfortable ! When we see through different use cases or important aspects of customer communication, it is actually a simple combination of science and interpersonal skills which help us build healthy customer relationships


R – Reposonsiveness

A – Assurance 

T – Tangibility

E – Empathitic 

R – Reliability

Responsiveness : 

One of the most important and foremost expectation is to be responsive !  This is true with us as customers in various scenarios as well. It can be either during a lead call or a solution demo or submitting quotes, starting a project, answering to queries, customer support or not able to deliver to a promise etc. Acknowledging customer and setting an expection will create a platform to be termed as resposnive while platforms are available to send automated resposes, a human touch can top up either with a video call or a voice call proving you are reposnsive to time and quality of commitments and promises made. 

Assurance :

While a quick and timely response assures the customers about his apprehension. When communicating with customers, if it is made sure that the requirement or the problem is something which can be addressed or resolved, they will often start feeling they are in safe hands. Assurance can be more precise when it is tangible and can be quoted using reference, use cases, experiences or documents to affirm your statement. 

Tangible :

Giving a measuable outcome to a communication is very imporatant. More closed loop communications is prefered mentioning specific dates, solution date, cases of issues, ways of solving, all can be termed as tangibility in communication. 

Empathy :

World would have been ended if machines could have done everything. Empathy is so important, the purpose and will to assist/ solve is half problem resolved. Ownership problems often delay and end up in escalations. Empathy alone is the driving factor for other points mentioned “Human side of things”.

Reliability :

It is more a resultant of the 4 points we have discussed, the trust extented or felt when a communication is effective is not only tangible but also more reliable. 

The RATER approach to every communication will surely prove effective, its a practise and a skill / trait the needs to be acquired and often becomes very effective with time. Remember every customer who is well informed and managed is your brand ambassider. 

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  • Nikhil H

    October 6, 2021 - 11:05 am

    Helpful one to build a Good relationship with the customers.

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