Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 3

Improve the R.A.M of your Business - Part 3

Measure is the third and the final part of our discussion regarding setting up right process to monitor the IT transformation. While REVIEW helped in identifying the factors that need transformation, ANALYZE proved if those points are really important, how much? and frequency of the critical factors. The measurement process provides the right methods to define the dynamics of the indicators, quantitatively classifies as positive co-relation or negative co-relation.

Measurement process is continues, we should define a frequency for the same and keep monitoring which helps in defining trends, co-relations, forecasts and many other factors which make our data meaningful. The reach of the RAM process should have a ripple effect from centre to the farest circle in the ripple.

Measurement tools termed as Analytics tools like #ZohoAnalytics #PowerBI #Tableau #MicroStrategy and many more. Technology today has enabled consultants to define, analyse, measure KPIs and serve a ready made Management Dashboards to specific vertical of a Business. Like Zoho Analytics has predefined dashboards for CRM, Sales, Marketing, Books/Financials,Social Media Plug-ins like Linked-in, Facebook, Google etc. 

Analytics tools can become your single point reference to run your business, sustain and monitor performance. As mentioned already in our previous posts, analytics provides insightful information to take key business decisions. It is imperative for today’s Businesses to stay competitaive, constantly perform & excel and also secure the future uncertainities. 

Good news is that the tools like Zoho CRM, Zoho PeopleZoho One helps us standardize transaction process. Consultants like ARSCCOM can translate these processes into insightful KPI’s and KRA’s  and tools like #ZohoAnalytics#PowerBI#Tableue can represent it in a measurable, readable formats for Business owners or management, hence the name coined as Management Information System. 

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