Improve the R.A.M of your Business – Part 2

Improve the R.A.M of your Business - Part 2

We spoke about the importance of Review mechanism in Business. It can have a great deal of influence in optimizing our processes. Now, we want to discuss about the next step after Review is to Analyse. Analysing is a process where we try to put mathematics into the process and arrive at a inference. Some important steps include, identifying the diffrentiators, repitative processes, perfomance indexes, Key Result area etc. Statistical methods are also put to use generally in this kind of Business Analytics. Analytics starts with an assumption and eventually go upto prove your assumtion right or wrong. Business Analytics gets into process analysis and task analysis to derive results from the source of operation. Like a doctor and a lawyer, consultants inference too won’t be standardized. Its very specificto your Business. For ex, though you belong to IT industry and experts say Business Analysis for IT industry would be in a certain way, you have the right to differ in your expectation, completely based on your mission goals and objective.

Busniess Analytics Dashboards are standarized to certain extent and offered to us by various products. #MicrosoftPowerBI#Tableau and #ZohoAnalytics are some of them which we feel are very comprehensive in their productization of Business Process Analytics. 

Zoho being a software gaint from India provides access to import data from spreadsheets, google sheets, SQL DBs, third party could apps, on premise apps. Zoho analytics needs less of technical know-how and more of analytical approach from its users. Zoho having its own proccess automation softwares like #Zoho CRM#Zoho People#Zoho One#Zoho Creator, and other 40+ apps. Analytics becomes easy access to consume data and process. Analyse, like review is a process and not a step. It needs to be done periodically taking inputs from analyse phase and how to define metrics is what we want to discuss in our next article. Business needs R.A.M for fast growth and logical transformation, with Zoho it can be termed as Digital Transformation. 

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