Intent & Purpose is more important than credentials !!

Intent & Purpose is more important than credentials !!

Aligning with the purpose or the intent of the Organization or the objective, plays a very important role in one’s approach and quality of delivery. This stands true at any level of interaction between parties, be it a conversation between 2 countries or between a customer and a partner or even husband and wife. 

If the communicating parties remain on different levels of brand value, brand association and intensions, it would turn out a challenge to completely translate intents. The whole activity of brand building comes into picture here. Brand building helps employees, customers, even oneself to develop Zeal, Value and association with whatever they do.

Companies adapt various methodologies to achieve these. For example, distributing goodies to associates, making a team T-shirts, Team outings, branded value discussions etc. While the methods can vary, the intension is to build a strong brand association and value. This fuels organization adherence and also increases quality of delivery to internal and external customers. 

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