Create your own Jumping Board for your Business !!

Create your own Jumping Board for your Business !!

As the saying goes “Every journey starts with a single step”. I am sure this makes every Entrepreneur/Freelancer remember their first glitch/initiative they took towards businesses. There will be so much of anxiety as who will trust? Who will buy ? Who can help in setting up? etc. While the anxiety serves as food for the fire, it is important to generate our very first customers/prospects to begin.

The Database that would have built over 20-25 years which include friends, classmates, school teachers, guides, some influential people, people in civil services, businessman and so on…

Just imagine if this information was readily available for you to consume? This is a trusted, known audience who are keen to help in one way or the other. Most of us often fail to recognize this set because information about our contacts  is not recognized, not available the way it can be consumed as potential leads.

Introducing “CONNECT” app which helps in showing our contacts categorically and update them easily  without spending too much time. Users can individually target their contacts based on Tags/Categories and engage to create a value preposition. All contact related tasks, remainders and notes can also be stored under the contact belt to have better insights while engaging. CONNECT desire to be a platform for all who desires to use their contacts efficiently and engage with them productively.

“Out of sight is out of mind”. So its important to get connected with our contacts periodically and remind about your proficiency. Seasonal greetings, wishes and introduction emails/SMS can also be sent from Connect.

“The more you give, the more you get”. Referring others based on Skills and Competency is another unique feature of Connect. This way we build a known Eco system so that we create a greater value preposition to each other.

Connect App is for everyone who desires to manage contacts efficiently, engage with them regularly and generate business opportunities from them. Industry has many relationship management tools which cater to Businesses. But when it comes to freelancers or individuals, it is important to have a system which is a Platform to create & build relationships. Connect helps in achieving these opportunities through its SaaS based offering to subscribers.  

A make in India initiative to generate more revenue per individual leveraging contacts. For more information, please visit

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