The ZOHO’s way to Business Process Transformation

The ZOHO's way to Business Process Transformation

Business Transformation is often seen as a Big step, risky and costly preposition. Hence it is ignored as an activity done only by large organizations which have the power of people, resources and technology. 

It is transformation process for the thought process as well. What we need to understand is Business Process Transformation is a continuous process and a journey. A journey that optimizes task efficiencies, which in turn increases process efficiency & leads to a faster Turn Around Time. 

As this cycle can be completed faster and better, the number of projects, transactions, revenue etc. starts dynamically progressing. Software Solutions that help in Optimizing the process are called ERP’s & CRM’s of the world. 

Zoho’s approach here helps SMB’s & Small developing enterprises to take the revenue model for automation, than the investment model. A cloud based function – function based business automation tool helps you to prioritize and identify automation areas based on your business need and transformation plan. 

A tool like Zoho exactly offers this at affordable costs and what more to adopt to a Make in India Software?


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